Property Owner Satisfaction

Linda Jarvis - September 2012

Through King Emlak's Rental team, I have had more response that I ever thought possible for the first Summer and I know that my apartment is being well looked after by them.¦nbsp;¦nbsp; To this day, King Emlak continue to be a great help to me and I know that I can confidently ask any questions or ask for advice on any problems and know that I will get a positive and immediate response.¦nbsp;¦nbsp; In my opinion, King Emlak gives exemplary service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.¦nbsp;


John Hunt - September 2012

The feedback from my guests has been most complimentary as far as the King Emlak team is concerned. Everything is catered for, from sending out comprehensive resort information prior to the holiday, organising transfers, arranging trips and greeting guests on arrival. From an owners point of view, it is comforting to know that my guests are being looked after in a most professional and considerate way


Ian Greenaway - November 2012

We have had dealings with King Emlak now for the passed three years or so since we bought our villa from them in that time we have had nothing but the very highest level of support from them. 
They have treated us more as friends than clients and have always been there for us with help and support. 

The rentals team are excellent from providing help in setting up our account to looking after our bookings and taking care of our guests.They are always available with advice and service I feel few could or would match. 

This is my first time renting out our property but feel a company would have to go a long way to better the service provided by King Emlak


Ian and Irenea Richards - November 2012

Thank you all for the excellent service you have provided in 2012 in relation to the Willows Villa in Dalyan. 

This has been very professional as always and your efforts have been first class as always.


Nico and Yvonne - November 2012

The King Emlak rental team makes us feel at ease when we are not around our place 'Ambervillas'¦nbsp; in Dalyan.  

I tend to be a control freak but with the rental team from king emlak i am comfortable leaving my place. I'm comfortable renting it out out with¦nbsp; their services and comfortable that the team rent my place out like I want it to.  

I am very happy with the cleaning team they manage,¦nbsp; I can tell you many anecdotes about them showing up when needed as quick I never could have imagined. One of the best decisions we made after buying at KIng Emlak is to let the rental team from King Emlak provide their rental services.  

We love them, we really do ! Thank you Faz, Alev, Simon, Burcu, Anouk, Ferdy, Sezgin from King Emlak, looking forward to another successful renting summer season !


Catherine Proctor - Royal Villas 4 - 27/10/2010

I sold my house in Dalyan through King Emlak,¦nbsp;it was a tricky sale due to the fact that¦nbsp;the Tapu was not in my name although I owned the property. King¦nbsp;Emlak made the transaction¦nbsp;seem effortless.¦nbsp; Once the¦nbsp;monies¦nbsp;came through I¦nbsp;bought a apartment¦nbsp;from King Emlak with the view to maybe living in it circumstances¦nbsp;did not afford this luxury.¦nbsp;¦nbsp; 
Once I decided that¦nbsp;I would not live there I decided to rent my property, and again went to King Emlak, they were so helpful advised me on what I should do to make the most of my property, and took control of the whole process.¦nbsp;I can honestly say they have¦nbsp;been¦nbsp;so helpful, looking after every client, dealing with¦nbsp;any problems that arose.¦nbsp; After four months I decided to go to Dalyan myself, only to find my apartment in¦nbsp;tip top condition thanks to King¦nbsp;Emlak who looked after it for me every step of the way.¦nbsp; I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who was thinking of renting out¦nbsp;their place in Dalyan. They will look after your apartment/villa and your clients nothing is¦nbsp;too much.