Short term rentals '' How will the new rules apply to me ? ''

Mar 24, 2017

Dear Holiday Home Owners,

As you may have seen in the press or online recently – the turkish government has launched a new initiative to control and monitor who is staying in rental properties across the country, bringing rental homes in line with the existing regulations that are used in hotels and guest houses

What does this mean?? Why is this being brought in?

From the start of March 2017- all renters, friends and family staying at villas and apartments need to be notified to the jandarma when they are arriving and send them their passport details. This has NOTHİNG to do with Tax, it is for safety and security only – in the event you have to call the jandarma for assistance you can give them your name and where you are staying – they will have a log of the properties address and your name already so they can assist you directly.

How do we do this??

To enable you to notify and keep track, the government have created the ‘Kimlik Bilderim Sistemi’ or K.B.S. for short. This is a simple downloadable excel speadsheet for you to register your villa and then log yours, guests and renters details and when they are staying. THİS İS FREE! You do NOT have to pay for the K.B.S. however this does have to be submitted daily.


For all King Emlak owners who rent through us – Sonuc will be handling all this on your behalf so there is NO ACTİON you need to take.

İf you are not a king emlak client but use another Rental agent then they will be handling this for you – so there is no need to use an outside party as the rental agents are responsible for your compliance.

İn the event that you handle your own rentals then you can download the new excel spreadsheet directly (link below)

follow this link and you will have to chose from one of four downloads- pick the one that is compatible with your computer. You will need a personal login code number from the Jandarma which you can get when you come to open up your villa at the start of the season.

We shall be posting more information and updates as we begin to use the system. İf you have any questions please contact Sonuç who will be happy to help.